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From the production of high quality grooved fittings, to building interpersonal relationships between our customers and staff, for 13 years, Shandong Lede Machinery Co., Ltd. has been a leader in the design and production of ductile iron grooved fittings and various valves for use in industrial pipeline systems. With a global sales network, spanning from Asia to the United States and numerous places in between, Lede takes great pride in the pipe fitting products that come out of our 3 massive manufacturing centers. From fire protection systems to fuel supply, Shandong Lede has the right pipe fitting, coupling or valve to meet your needs. And comply with international safety standard requirements. Come visit us today, and let us help you with your diverse pipe fitting needs. Details

    1. Material
    2. The nuts and bolts are made of high quality carbon steel, heat treated and zinc electroplated. They conform to ASTM A183 and ISO 898 standards.

    1. Production Process
    2. The casting process design is equipped with a computer simulation software (castsoft CAE) in order to simulate the molten iron pouring process. This ensures the best technology state and prevents possible casting defects.

    1. Design Feature
    2. The design of the coupling housing section allows it to self-center around a pipe, and encircle and retain the gasket against the application of pressure from the internal system vacuum.

    1. Quality Control

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