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Heavy Duty Grooved Piping System Flexible Coupling

  •  Heavy Duty Grooved Piping System Flexible Coupling
  •  Heavy Duty Grooved Piping System Flexible Coupling
  •  Heavy Duty Grooved Piping System Flexible Coupling

Product Introduction
Flexible couplings for grooved piping systems are intended to accommodate controlled movement at the joint. The pipe and fittings that are connected with a flexible coupling are allowed to expand, contract or deflect from the center line within limits established by the coupling interface with the pipe. The type of pipe, wall thickness, pressure, hanging and laying requirements, as well as the type of groove selected all contribute to the amount of movement. After the pipe ends are grooved, a rubber gasket that is suitable for the specific system is stretched over the pipe ends. The coupling segments are then placed over the gasket and the nuts and bolts are fastened, resulting in a restrained and leak free joint. Couplings and fittings are cast of ductile iron meeting ASTM A536 Grade 65-45-12 (tensile- yield- elongation).

The heavy duty provides added strength for high pressure applications.

Ductile iron construction
Lead free orange paint (available galvanized)
Coupling gasket: Grade E EPDM (available in Grade T Nitrile for petroleum products)
Approvals: U, FM approved, ASTM A536

This heavy duty flexible grooved coupling is suitable for fire protection services, water supply systems and other process systems of a higher working pressure.

Dimension Drawing
Dimension Drawing
Technical Data
Flexible Coupling (Heavy-duty) M2
Nominal Size mm/in Pipe O.D mm/in Dimensions Bolt Working pressure Psi
ΦD L H inch/mm
mm mm mm
65 76.1 101.2 144 46 1/2×2-3/8
21/2 3
80 88.9 117.4 157 46
3 3.5
100 108 144.4 195 50 1/2×2-3/4
4 4.25
100 114.3 149.2 200 50
4 4.5
125 133 172 231 50 5/8×3-1/8
5 5.25
125 139.7 180 235 50
5 5.5
125 141.3 180.4 235 50
5 5.563
150 159 203 268 50
6 6.25
150 165.1 207 273 50
6 6.5
150 168.3 209.4 272 50
6 6.625
200 219.1 276 347 58 3/4×4-1/3
8 8.625
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LEDE company design and manufacture grooved piping system jointing fittings, is a leading China heavy duty flexible pipe coupling manufacturer and supplier, provide pipe jointing and flow control products of fire protection system and water work system. There are different sizes of heavy duty flexible couplings for grooved piping system, made in accordance with UL, CE, ISO certificates, etc. Engineered with complete automation equipment and manufacturing expertise, LEDE company provides quality ductile iron flexible coupling as well as custom firefighting and water supply solutions based on the client needs.

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