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Grooved Piping System Pipe Couplings

    1. Rigid Grooved Piping System Pipe CouplingRigid couplings for grooved piping systems are manufactured to provide rigidity at the assembled joint- similar to the pipe joint being welded or flanged. The ANSI B31.1 Power Piping Code requires a minimum hanger spacing for piping with rigid connections, as does the ANSI B31.9 Building Service Code and NFPA 13 Fire Protection Systems.
    1. Flexible Grooved Piping System Pipe CouplingCouplings and fittings are cast from ductile iron, meeting ASTM A536 Grade 65-45-12 (tensile-yield-elongation) standards. These light duty flexible grooved couplings are suitable for fire protection services, water supply systems, and other process systems requiring a higher work pressure.
    1. Angle Pad Grooved Piping System Pipe CouplingAn angle pad coupling is a new pipe connector that uses pressure and a self-tightening sealing ring force produced by medium pressure for a seal. This coupling features a small volume, light weight, and simple structure. Each coupling has only two bolts, which are easy to install and maintain.
    1. Heavy Duty Grooved Piping System Rigid CouplingThe heavy duty cross-ribbed design provides added strength for high pressure applications.
      Suitable for fire protection services, water supply systems and other process systems that require a higher work pressure.
    1. Heavy Duty Grooved Piping System Flexible CouplingFlexible couplings for grooved piping systems are intended to accommodate controlled movement at the joint. The pipe and fittings that are connected with a flexible coupling are allowed to expand, contract or deflect from the center line within limits established by the coupling interface with the pipe.
    1. Grooved Piping System Reducing Flexible CouplingA reducing coupling in a grooved piping system is designed to provide a restrained piping connection while reducing (or increasing) pipe sizes. It is a transition accessory to match different sized pipes through a single device. After the pipe ends are grooved, a rubber gasket that is suitable for the system is stretched over the pipe ends.
    1. HDPE Pipe CouplingThe high pressure coupling provides versatility for a wide range of applications due to its high pressure resistance and flexibility. The HDPE coupling is suitable for mechanical and plumbing, water treatment, mining and oil fields, and a variety of other process pipe systems.

Standard coupling housings (including housings for fittings, mechanical tees and crosses, and valve bodies) are cast from ductile iron to ASTM A536, and Grade 65-45-12 (equal to QT450-12) standards. Ductile iron is chosen due to its special combination of better physical characteristics over other materials, and the relative ease of manufacturing to various demanding standards. The Grade 65-45-12 refers to the 65,000 psi/450MPa minimum tensile strength, 45,000 psi/312 MPa minimum yield, and 12% elongation.

Housings are normally two identical castings for couplings through 24"/600mm sizes. From 26"/650mm on up, coupling housings are cast in multiple identical segments to guarantee the concentricity and ease of handling.

All products are supplied with a high performance paint, unless other requirements are specific upon ordering. The standard paint material is an epoxy resin, with a thickness average of 8-25um, die painted, and heat dried to provide an excellent adhesion and outstanding anti-corrosion performance.

The unique, C-shaped pressure responsive gasket design has been the grooved system since its original launch onto the market. Relying on a compound resiliency and initially flared design, the gasket seals on the A dimension of the pipe O.D. The design accommodates the pipe movement, while sealing under both pressure and vacuum characteristics. Gaskets are carefully molded in patterns conforming as closely as possible to the inside containment area of the housing. This allows separate components to be put together to form an integral coupling unit with a combination of efficient sealing. One size gasket is suitable for all styles of couplings in the same size, and will not affect pressure rate changes.

Bolts and Nuts
The standard bolt head is an oval-neck configuration that conforms to the openings in the housing's bolt pads. The track head nuts and bolts conform to ASTM A183 (GB3098, GB150) minimum tensile, and 120,000psi/800mpa. Plated (to ASTM B633/GB5267) nuts and bolts are standard on most couplings.

LEDE company design and manufacture grooved piping system jointing fittings, is a leading China grooved pipe couplings manufacturer and supplier, provide pipe jointing and flow control products of fire protection system and water work system. There are different sizes of pipe couplings for grooved piping system, made in accordance with UL, CE, ISO certificates, etc. Engineered with complete automation equipment and manufacturing expertise, LEDE company provides quality ductile iron grooved couplings as well as custom firefighting and water supply solutions based on the client needs.

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