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Cross Pipe Fittings

    1. Grooved Pipe CrossLead free orange paint
      Conforms to ASTM A536 standards
      UL listed, FM approved
    1. Grooved Reducing Cross Pipe FittingsUL, FM listed and factory mutual approved for 300 PSI service.
      Ductile iron per ASTM A536 standards
      Dimensions conform to ANSI B 16.4 CLASS 125 standards
    1. Threaded Reducing Cross Pipe FittingsUL and factory mutual approved for 230 PSI service.
      Ductile Iron per ASTM 126 CLASS B standards.
      Dimensions conform to ANSI B 16.4 CLASS 125 standards.

Product Introduction
A pipe cross, as a special pipe fitting, is primarily used in a main pipeline to separate the branches. If the diameter of the branch is reduced or different from others, it is called a grooved reducing cross. If the pipes are of the same diameter, the fitting is simply known as a cross. These fittings are widely used in petrochemicals, oil and natural gas, power plants, food sanitation, building construction, urban construction and more.

Grooved cross (straight) standard radius
Ductile iron construction
Lead free orange paint
Conforms to ASTM A536
UL listed, FM approved

LEDE company design and manufacture grooved piping system jointing fittings, is a leading China cross pipe fittings manufacturer and supplier, provide pipe jointing and flow control products of fire protection system and water work system. There are different sizes of pipe cross fittings for grooved piping system, made in accordance with UL, CE, ISO certificates, etc. Engineered with complete automation equipment and manufacturing expertise, LEDE company provides quality ductile iron pipe cross as well as custom firefighting and water supply solutions based on the client needs.

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