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Fire Protection Control Valve

    1. Fire Protection OS&Y Flanged Gate ValveThe resilient seated OS&Y gate valve is designed as one of our newest products, with a simple construction and easy to maintain characteristics.
      The gate valve has a low torque and a high pressure. The pressure can reach PN40 under 1/3 of a standard torque.
    1. Fire Protection NRS Flanged Gate ValveOutside and inside surface of the valve is coated with high quality of epoxy powder, so the painting is more complete and even, and can be used on drinking, food and pharmacy etc.
    1. Fire Protection Grooved End Gate ValveWhen the valve is fully opened, the upper sealing parts can be replaced under a water supply.
      The gate valve is a straight channel. When the valve is fully opened, the disc will completely leave the channel, leaving behind no dirt, and decreasing the flow resistance.
    1. Fire Protection Wafer Type Butterfly ValveWith a self-sealing structure, the sealing property of the butterfly valve is proportional to fluid pressure, allowing the valves to withstand high pressures.
      The sealing lip on the rubber disc can remove mud and dirt when the valve closes.
    1. Fire Protection Grooved Butterfly ValveThe sealing lip on the rubber disc can remove mud and dirt when the valve closes.
      The outer and inner surfaces of the grooved valve are coated in a high quality epoxy powder, so the paint coat is complete and even, making the valve safe for use in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

LEDE company design and manufacture industrial valve and grooved piping system fittings, is a leading China fire protection control valve manufacturer and supplier, provide pipe jointing and flow control products of fire protection system. Engineered with complete automation equipment and manufacturing expertise, LEDE company provides quality ductile iron valves as well as custom firefighting and water supply solutions based on the client needs.

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