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Design Capability

Shandong Lede has a strong team for product research and design. All molds are designed using and advanced CAD/CAM computer aided system, based on a finite element theory in order to optimize the product structure. Possible defects are fully considered during the casting process, in order to make sure the safety coefficient of the product design is as close to actual production as possible.

Housing Sections
The design of the coupling housing section allows it to self-center around a pipe, and encircle and retain the gasket against the application of pressure from the internal system vacuum. The housing section keys fit into and engage the pipe-end grooved around the entire pipe circumference, thus preventing pipe end separation due to the application of internal pressure.

The standard output of the housing section is made of ductile iron conforming to ASTM A536, Grade 65-45-12. Alternative materials available upon request include steel, stainless steel and copper. The standard output of the housing sections are coated with a rust inhibiting, lead free orange paint for general service applications.

Nuts and Bolts
The heat treated oval neck track head bolts join and secure the housing sections tighter. The oval neck track head design on the bolt head allows the hex nuts to be tightened using only one wrench.

The unique, single piece "C" style design of the gasket has been engineered to provide a pressure responsive, leak tight seal in both pressure and vacuum applications without the aid of an external force. The lips on the gaskets are molded so that upon installation of the pipe ends, compression against the pipe surface is applied in order to establish the leak resistant seal.

Fitting Size Chart
The fitting size chart is used to determine the O.D of the pipe that the pipe fittings are to be used with. Lede fittings are identified by normal sizes in inches or by the pipe O.D in/mm.

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