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Depressurize and drain the pipeline system before attempting any installation, removals or adjustments of piping products. Always wear safety glasses, a hard hat, and foot protection.

1. Check the pipe ends
The outer surface of the pipe, from the pipe end all the way to the groove, must be smooth and have no indentations, projections (including weld seams), or roll marks in order to ensure the leak resistant seal for the gasket. All oil, grease, loose paint and dirt must be removed.

2. Check gasket and lubricate
Check the gasket to ensure it is suitable for the intended purpose. Apply a thin coat of Tuf-Lube Gasket Grease Lubricant to the gasket lips and exterior.

3. Position the gasket
Position the gasket over the pipe end. Ensure the gasket does not hang over the pipe end.

4. Join the pipe ends
Align and bring the two pipe ends together. Slide the gasket into position, and make sure it is centered between the grooves of each pipe. Make sure no portion of the gasket extends into the groove in either pipe.

5. Assemble housings
insert one bolt into the housings, then thread the nut loosely onto the bolt. (The nut should be flush to the end of the bolt).

6. Install housings
Install the housings over the gasket. Make sure the housing’s key engages the grooves properly on both pipes.

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