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Material Selection

Lede Group pays strict attention to the quality of each product in every step of production, from the procurement of raw materials, to processing and final shipping. We do not allow for the use of poor quality raw materials, and purchase them in full accordance with GB standard requirements, as listed below.

Casting: Ductile iron and all castings meet ASTM 536 and ISO 1083 standards.

Sealing ring: The sealing ring is made from EPDM, silica gel and Nitrile rubber.

Bolts and nut: The nuts and bolts are made of high quality carbon steel, heat treated and zinc electroplated. They conform to ASTM A183 and ISO 898 standards.

Surface: All castings are treated with sand blasting before finishing. For different environments, different finishes are recommended, such as epoxy powder, paint, or dichromate in order to meet a variety of customer requirements.

Before the raw materials are put into use in the production process we use a variety of testing equipment in order to determine the quality.

We guarantee that all Lede products will meet international standards, and we will compensate the customer for any loss incurred in products that have been deemed faulty due to manufacturer error.

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