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Production Process

Product Design
We have a dedicated team for research and design, and all molds are designed in advanced using a CAD/CAM computer aided system, based on a finite element theory to optimize the grooved casting structure. All possible defects are fully considered during the casting process in order to ensure the safety coefficient of the product design is as close to actual production as possible.

Casting Process
The casting process design is equipped with a computer simulation software (castsoft CAE) in order to simulate the molten iron pouring process. This ensures the best technology state and prevents possible casting defects.

Mold Machining
All molds are machined by the processing center, which can achieve one fixture with five face milling technology, and ensures the dimensional precision of products.

Advanced Production Equipment
All grooved fittings and grooved couplings, as well as our other products, are produced on Disa lines. These lines not only have a powerful production capacity, but also ensure dimensional precision during mass production.

Structure Test of Casting Material

The mechanical properties of the casting material is subject to the chemical composition of the casting material. Only an accurate pouring temperature, pouring time and molten iron weight can guarantee the structure property. We use advanced testing equipment, such as the spectrum analyzer, molten iron analyzer, ultrasonic flow detector and thermos analyzer to ensure the molten iron in each furnace reaches international standards before pouring.

Mechanics Test

The lab for mechanical properties will conduct elongation tests, yield tests, and compression tests on all metal products, including bolts, buts and casting products to ensure every index is eligible.

Rubber Test

The lab for rubber physical properties will conduct tests for rubber on mechanical properties, including shore hardness elongation rates at breaks, and compression after thermal aging, all to ensure the rubber is eligible.

Sand Test
In order to test the sand performance, including ventilation and strength, the mud content can supply a reasonable sand mixing program in order to avoid fluctuations on sand performance and casting defects.

Air Test

The purpose of the air test is to test the sealing capability of the fittings. Due to the gas penetration feature, any defective products with a sand hole or pin hole will be found during the air test, thus avoiding leakages.

Product Test
We have a professional lab to conduct tests for hydraulics, higher pressure bending moments, fire, and salt spray.

We take extensive measures to guarantee the quality of all of our grooved fittings and grooved couplings, as well as other cast iron products. Each has passed FM and UL tests for certification, proving to customers they can rely on our products and services. For any problems caused by poor quality, we will compensate for any losses.

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